Consulting & Longitudinal Evaluations


Acknowledging that several Elementary Public Schools in the United States are underfunded and/or overcrowded, we offer formative evaluation services to asses student performance and school’s existing resources. We provide suggestions on how to improve tactics in curriculum quality and teacher collaboration, organization and efficiency to minimize costs and improve student’s knowledge in all STEAM areas.

Every school has an existing and unique situation, and we provide tailored solutions including STEAM integrated units, teacher professional development, classroom support during implementation and further, and solutions to improve students joy and enjoyment of STEAM activities. 

Longitudinal Evaluations

Elementary School children start taking standardized tests in 4th and 5th grades. Our STEAM integrated curriculum and strategies have been designed to help students succeed without compromising creativity, equity and inclusion.

We also analyze changes over time from Kindergarten to Fifth grade in the areas of: academic performance, engagement, and STEAM identity development.