Our Program

Seeds to STEAM offers a complete strategy providing a turn-key solution to Elementary Schools incorporating the visual arts to leverage creativity, promote inclusion and equity, practice collaboration, and ultimately to improve STEAM literacy for all.

STEAM Integrated Curricula

  • Week-long units aligned with Common Core Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Technology, and Visual Arts standards.
  • Universal Design Learning (UDL)
  • Project and Problem Based Learning (PBL): Our units reflect the position, based on current research, that young children learn better by doing.

Teacher Professional Development

  • Our Professional Development opportunities have been designed and tested to assist with the design and implementation of STEAM Integrated units.
  • The strategy to accomplish a deep understanding of key instructional design components is by deconstructing the curriculum we have created, and by constructing a new one. This is based on the fact that some teachers use top to bottom design, while others use bottom-up.
  • Teachers will gain experience in designing new STEAM integrated curriculum once provided with all the tools to design new curriculum, including science content knowledge and visiting scientists in the classroom.
  • Our goal is to maximize the collaborative potential of all Elementary School teachers, reduce content knowledge anxiety, and team-building practices. 

Classroom Implementation & Support

  • Support during implementation
  • Improvement support in the areas of pedagogy and content knowledge.

Formative & Longitudinal Evaluations

  • Consulting
  • Longitudinal Evaluations