Universal Design Learning


Jul 2020


Teaching to a diverse group of students?

  • The way people learn is as unique as their fingerprints
  • Curriculum needs to be design to meet this diversity; that is, curriculum that can be used and understood by anyone
  • UDL minimizes barriers and maximizes learning for all students
  • Every student in the classroom brings different backgrounds, strengths, needs, and interests

How the brain works?

The brain has 3 broad networks:

  1. Recognition: the “What” of learning
  2. Skills and Strategies: the “How” of learning
  3. Caring and Prioritizing: the “Why” of learning

A curriculum needs to fit all 3 sides of the brain, but how we can do that? Design for those in the margins with a flexible curriculum approach.

Questions to ask

What are the goals of my curriculum?

What are the barriers in the classroom?

Actions to take

  • Provide multiple means of representation: present content in multiple media and provide varied supports.
  • Provide multiple means for actions and expressions: provide students with options to demonstrate what they have learned.
  • Provide multiple means for engagement

This information has been collected from the official UDL-CAST website.

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