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Mission and Vision

There is a great need to increase the STEM workforce in the U.S. While there are multiple initiatives aiming  to solve this problem ( government, academic and corporate), the majority are focused on junior high school, high school and undergraduate education.

By the time students reach high school, they have already missed the opportunity to explore integrated STEAM topics sparking curiosity, creativity and innovation, especially those who are not as successful in traditional learning environments.

We believe these efforts should start at a much earlier age because teachers report that elementary students are not receiving a full science curriculum for a variety of reasons, largely because the teachers themselves do not feel adequately trained. 

Through our work with elementary educators around the United States, we focus on quality and excellence in support, serving the needs of many elementary schools, while advocating for change to make a positive difference in STEAM education in the United States.

Our Mission

By connecting students’ interests to the cutting edge world, we make science cool and fun significantly improving STEAM education in Elementary Schools. To do this, we design cutting edge STEAM integrated units fulfilling the Universal Design Learning framework while tackling  problems of equity and diversity. From engagement to intrinsic motivation, educators are trained to implement these units using Problem/Project Based Learning teaching methods where students are DOING science that is relevant to their lives. 

Our Vision

STEAM: Cultivating Curiosity and Fostering Creativity

We’re working to provide state-of-the-art STEAM integrated curricula and professional development for all K-5 students and their teachers, planting the seeds for the next generation of professionals.