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Provide state-of-the-art STEAM integrated education for all Elementary School Students.

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We are a unique and diverse team of STEAM professionals united to make collaborative change based on the current needs of classroom teachers.

Our Values

We are thoughtful, We Listen, We Innovate

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Our Vision

STEAM: Cultivating Curiosity and Fostering Creativity. We’re working to provide state-of-the-art STEAM integrated curricula and professional development for all K-5 students and their teachers, planting the seeds for the next generation of professionals.

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Animal cams, experiment links, virtual field trips, educational games, video links, virtual reality downloads and more!

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NSF Grants
  • National Science Foundation STEM Grant Deadline

Heads up, teachers! The program estimates that approximately $63,000,000 will be available for new awards per fiscal year. Upcoming Due Dates: Full Proposal – January  19 More information at: beta.nsf.gov

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STEAM resource list
  • Teacher Resources

Need some STEAM classroom ideas? Check out our new page featuring projects and links for dozens of science activities and educational resources.

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  • Universal Design Learning

Teaching to a diverse group of students? The way people learn is as unique as their fingerprints Curriculum needs to be design to meet this diversity; that is, curriculum that can be used and understood by anyone UDL minimizes barriers and maximizes learning for all students Every student in the classroom brings different backgrounds, strengths,...

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